Processed Cannabis Products

Way Of Life Cannabis Ltd has established a leading edge medical cannabis factory for processing and producing medical cannabis products in order to preserve the final quality of the product after cultivation and harvest. The processing facility also allows the company to carry out research and development methods in the state-of-the-art Laboratory purposely built for R&D, and maintain a stable supply chain for pharmacies and patients.

Processing and Packaging

Processing and Packaging medial cannabis inflorescences on demand, improving quality and improving the final finish of the raw material in accordance with the final product request. Packaging medical cannabis products in a variety of administrative configurations including Inflorescences, crushed inflorescences, extracts and rolled cigarettes in a selection of modernized packaging.

Cannabis Extraction

We produce oils by extracting the active ingredients from the cannabis inflorescences. The process is carried out by extracting whole plant extracts to preserve the range of active ingredients and to produce a full spectrum cannabis OIL.