Growing Method

Growing medical cannabis using the plant tissue culture method

In order to produce a large number of uniform seedlings with identical genetic values and traits, we use propagation using the plant tissue culture method.
This method allows us to produce hundreds of sterile seedlings with genetic uniformity from a specific plant selected that possess identical levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus consistently ensuring medication with the same effect.


Cultivation of Cannabis strains

We define the required properties both in terms of plant properties and in terms of active ingredients. Cultivation of selected varieties is carried out by plant selections, hybridizations and genetic manipulations until we arrive at the varieties of the highest quality according to the traits we defined at the beginning of the process. This process is carried out while continuously monitoring and testing the active ingredients in the mother plants.

Genetic Uniformity

Propagation of cannabis plants

From our selected varieties and mother plants, we take many seedlings in the process of tissue cultures which are genetically identical to the mother plants and free from pests and diseases. Within a few months it is possible to reach high amounts of quality seedlings with the same genetic outline. Genetic uniformity in medical cannabis plants is of great importance, we want to ensure the same effect in each product batch for the benefit of the patient.