Way Of Life Cannabis

Way Of Life Cannabis is the first company to be approved following the new stringent IMC-GAP and GACP regulations placed by the Israeli medical cannabis department, WOLC cultivate to the standard that allows multiplication and growth to the highest standards. The company was founded by Iris Vermouth and Shahaf Ohana and is located North of Israel.

Growing Method

Innovation in the field of cannabis plants

Way Of Life Cannabis special emphasis is placed on keeping the profile of the active ingredients stable over time in the selected varieties. The company develops tissue cultures of medical cannabis plants in collaboration with Kibbutz Ginosar who have been specializing in cultural research for over 40 years.

The role of Plant tissue cultures is to produce uniform, sterile plants with consistent components and metrics, thus providing the patient with a therapeutic sequence and a quality product.

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Natural Organic Growth

The growing process incorporates natural biological pesticides in order to protect the plants growth, our method does not include the use of chemical pesticides to maintain product purity and we reduce harm to the environment. By using only natural fertilizers and pesticides the soil and plant quality improve and we can achieve maximum growth.


Way Of Life Cannabis has established a state-of-the-art factory for processing, producing and distributing medical cannabis products across Israel. The plant holds the GDP+GSP certification, our in-house distribution team work closely with our partners and customers to ensure a fast and safe delivery of our products.

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